Social Media for Small Business

4 06 2009

I was reading an article online about the use of social media by small businesses.  It’s growing, by the way, though I doubt anyone needed a scientific study or even a hastily-collected survey to determine that.  But what struck me was one quote from a small business owner: “Sure there’s a lot of branding and getting-to-know-you stuff you can do, but we wanted to find out if this stuff could make the cash register ring.”

Make the cash register ring.  That’s EXACTLY what social networking should do for any business, small or large.

Whether it is indirectly by building awareness in your customer base. or directly by driving traffic to your store or site, what’s the point in doing it if you aren’t getting some sort of return?

And that’s entirely our point when we speak to clients: let’s do something together that makes your cash register ring.  Of course, we have many solutions for businesses small and large, but here are a few ideas that have done some ringing in the past:

  • Tweet your daily special 
  • Blog an unadvertised special or coupon.
  • Create specials just for your fans on Facebook or MySpace
  • Vlog a new product or location
  • Tweet time-sensitive exclusive deals – “The next 10 customers to come in and say ‘Tweet Me’ get a free two litre with their pizza order”

You get the idea.  There are myriad ways to make the cash register ring with social media: and it’s our job to make sure we offer businesses that kind of value proposition when we consult with them.  Warm-fuzzies don’t keep the lights on.




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