Event Planners Pay for Themselves

6 06 2009

Let’s say you’re the moderately handy type.  You fixed your own toilet, you even re-grouted the tub.  But now you want to knock out the back wall of the bathroom and add an Italian marble walk-in shower you could park a Mini Cooper in.  Are you going to tackle that job solo?  Unless you’re Bob Vila, probably not.  You’re going to call in a professional who will cost money, but who will produce better results that they will stand behind.

So even though you throw the occasional child’s birthday party, why wouldn’t you call a professional for your parents’ silver anniversary celebration?

Some celebrations are of a magnitude, importance, or complexity that they deserve a professional touch.  Unless you throw parties for a living, it’s time to bring in the pros.  Event planners know where the best deals are, the best food, the nicest locations, the prettiest decorations, the best entertainers, and so forth.  It would take you hours to find something they can get their hands on in one phone call.  

And that’s how event planners pay for themselves: by kicking your party up a notch.  They generally won’t cost you much more than 10% of your party budget, but yet they pump up the impact of your event 100%.  Even if you only have $200-$300 in your party budget, spending some of that on a planner will doubtless get you an event that looks like you spent a fortune on it.

This is especially important in business when planning meetings, job fairs, seminars, or customer appreciation events.  Here, you really can’t afford to waste a lot of your own time because those dollars per hour are coming out of your bottom line.  You also can’t afford to look cheap, disorganized, or lackluster in front of your clients or cohorts.  Call in the pros, work within your budget, and make a promotion-inducing impression.

So whether your event is personal or professional, you owe it to your guests, and especially yourself, to hire an event planner.  And while you’re at it, you might as well put in a sauna too.

NetWeave provides a full range of event planning services in addition to their online networking suite.



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