How to G.R.O.W. your Business

26 07 2009

Last week I attended a coaching seminar put on by Inside Out, a firm founded by coaching guru Alan Fine.  The system they use is elegantly simple, and it can be used effectively as a model for problem solving outside the realm of professional business coaching.  I was very impressed by it, and plan to try the approach out over the coming weeks in a variety of environments.

The essence of the process is characterized by the acronym G.R.O.W: Goal, Reality, Options, and Way (Forward).  So simple it almost doesn't need explanation – determine what the real goal of the undertaking is to be, build consensus on the current situation with regard to that, develop as many options as possible to attain the goal, then determine which of those you will pursue as a way of moving forward toward the goal.

But as I have said before, simple doesn't mean easy.

Of course there is a methodology behind this process, and Inside Out has built a reliable, repeatable and scalable method around the concept based on years of experience.  It's the old story of the game "Othello": a minute to learn, a lifetime to master.

The applications toward coaching are obvious, but I see this method as having much broader application.  For instance, a client wants an effective social media campaign.  Let's GROW their business!  What is the Goal of the campaign?  Let's be specific about desired outcomes and examine the realism of the goal.  Whats the Reality of the situation now?  Is the goal realistic given where we are starting from?  If it is, let's brainstorm some Options for getting there – no judging of good or bad, just get every idea we can down on paper.  Now, which of those options are we excited enough about to pursue?  Which ones are most likely to get us to our goal.  One more reality check: is our goal still reasonable now that we have our options narrowed down?  And now the all-important execution: how do we move forward and keep moving forward? Which Way do we go?

The other part of the system is feedback and assessment.  As we go, let's periodically talk about what's working well, what could we be doing better, and where are we getting stuck.  The GROW model is charted out by Inside Out as a circle for a reason: we have to keep evaluating our goal and our reality so we know what are options are and what way forward we should be on.  It's a constant process of adjustment and measurement that leads to GROWth.

The whole thing makes an inherent kind of sense to me, in a way many comparable systems I have studied don't.  If something isn't easy to implement and doesn't lead to measurable results relatively quickly, then who has time to waste trying it out?  This method on the other hand cuts to the chase.  I can't wait to try it out.

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