Snacking on Media

8 08 2009

Steve Rubel posed an article on his blog recently which very nicely summed up a new trend in media consumption which I've been thinking about for a while.  There is a huge shift toward "stream consumption".  The stream is a constant feed of the bits of information, pics, short videos, tweets, and other tid bits that keep us up to date online.

As Steve says:

Streams are everywhere. The Facebook news feed and Twitter are two prime examples. However, streams aren't just on social networks. You can spot them on sites like or Timeswire from The New York Times. It's where, when the news is important, it finds you.

As it becomes the primary way we interact with content, streams threaten longer formats like TV shows, articles, albums or books. Over time, we will find we're no longer a nation that eats media meals. Rather, we're all-day content snackers – which means we become more source agnostic too.

More and more of us live in an always-on Internet world.  We have broadband connections and phones that access the Web.  We grab little media snacks throughout the day whenever it is convenient for us.  Even with longer formats like TV shows, we have DVRs and Hulu, et al, to consume the media when we are ready for it.

This puts the onus on the content makers now more than ever to be sure their content is engaging and valuable.  You can no longer count on a shotgun approach, throwing out your media in high volumes and hoping something hits your audience.  Now the audience is seeking you out, and they have a limited amount of time to find and consume your message.  To quote Steve again:

As the age of the stream takes hold, it will force marketers to get more creative about how we break through. It's unclear if ads will be welcome. If they are, they will need to be brief, useful and funny. Otherwise, they will just get in the way and be ignored.

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