I want all our potential customers to read this

20 08 2009

I found a great blog today.  Here's a quote:

Those of us that are learning, trying, educating want to surround ourselves with people who are working as hard as we are to affect change. We believe in this, not because it’s new or fancy or grants us a new title on our business card. It’s because we believe in a new way of doing business. Of communicating and collaborating and building businesses for and among people, not on top of them. Because whether or not we have precedent, we have millennia of human existence that tells us that puttingpeople first is always for the good of the many. Even in business. Even if it’s cheesy. Even if we’ve forgotten.altitudebranding.comThe Bridge Between “Evolve” or “Die”, Aug 2009

You should read the whole article. Everyone should.

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