Three ways to make sure I won’t follow you on Twitter

2 09 2009
  1. Look like a spammer – Use a profile picture I’ve seen before or that TwitBlock has on file, or better yet, use no profile picture at all and then pair that with a string of alphanumeric characters that make no sense for your username.  Or you could be slightly less subtle and use a picture with a wad of cash, a pile of coins, or a plethora of dollar signs.  And if any subtlety whatsoever is just not your style, use a nude picture. 
  2. Sound like a spammer – Send me a tweet asking if I have a “system” for making serious money on the Internet.  You could also ask if I’d like to see your naughty pictures or your “adult” profile (be sure to use the quotation marks to make sure I don’t miss it).  Alternatively, use any of the following terms in your tweet or bio: affiliate, MLM, cash, AMAZING, MIRACLE, or GUARANTEED (be sure to use ALL CAPS).
  3. Repeatedly demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of Twitter’s most basic etiquette – Putting a hashtag in front of every word of your tweet would be a good start here.  You could also post an endless string of tweets (22 in a row is the current record) mere seconds from each other so you completely blot out anyone else from the news feed – oh, and be sure every message somehow promotes your product or service.  For good measure, you could make fun of how lousy some other person is at social media.

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