Remembering 9/11

11 09 2009

I was 37 years old and by now a father of two with my youngest just having started kindergarten. I was working for CompUSA in the training department when an employee rushed out of the breakroom.

"A plane just flew into the World Trade Center!"

I rushed back in after her to see the report on the television in the break room. I knew that in the 40s a plane had accidentally flown into the Empire State Building, and at first I thought that might be what had happened here. I got to the television only a couple of minutes before the second plane hit the other tower. I knew then that it was no accident.

At first, all I could think about was the daunting task that faced the fire fighters rushing in to the WTC. Then the first tower collapsed. At some point, the news broke about the Pentagon. Then, news reports started frantically coming in from all over. It was chaos. There was talk about a bomb at the State Department and lord knows what else. I remember thinking that the world had gone crazy. All I wanted to do was go home and check on my kids. After a couple of hours of CNN, that's just what I did. The store basically closed down for the rest of the day. At that point we had no idea what the extent of the attacks were or if or when they were going to end. I remember just wanting to hold my family until all the noise stopped. 

A few days later, with no apprent provocation, I just started crying. Thinking about all the people who'd died only because they had gone to work that day. Thinking about how it could have been any of us. I cried for a long time. 

To this day, I still can't watch the footage of the plane hitting the second tower without looking away.

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