Social Media Blossoming on the Suncoast

19 09 2009

Wow, busy is not quite the word to describe this week!  Word is getting out about us, and we have made lots of fantastic new connections as well as welcoming some terrific new clients.


First, I’d like to sincerely thank the Manatee Chamber of Commerce for asking us to present to their membership on Tuesday morning.  Our “Intro to Social Media” class seemed to be a big hit.  We had a terrific audience – lots of energy – and they seemed to appreciate the info.  It was a lot of fun, and we’d be happy to go back anytime.


We’d also like to take the chance to welcome some new clients!  Cool Runnings Protection will be launching their social media campaign soon. They sell and install “invisible auto bras” that protect your automotive investment from the ravages of bugs and debris flung at it.  Anyone who has driven in Florida during lovebug season can really appreciate this product!


We’re also welcoming Monkeyrack Products.  They make a fantastic invention that plugs into any 2” receiver (think trailer hitch) and will hold an extension ladder firmly in place with no other support.  Put yourself 20 feet in the air without anyone else to hold the ladder…great for safety as well as convenience!


Also coming on board is where you can get some of the best spice blends you’ve ever tried.  What a way to make even the quickest meals gourmet!  Sprinkle, broil, and take all the credit.  Swing by the website and pick a couple flavors up today.


Our newest client is one that sits at the top of a very specific and exciting niche:  provides fully licensed music for figure skating and gymnastics routines for athletes all over the world.  You’ve very likely already heard their product, but if not, tune into next year’s Winter Olympics and hear their music accompany up to ten athletes from six different countries!


To all our clients old and new, thank you so much for giving us the chance to win and keep your business.  Now, where did I put that grindstone…


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