What is it with these companies?!

1 12 2009

In my last post, I talked about the experience I had with Unum Insurance and their inconsideration on denying an important claim on the day before Thanksgiving.  Now, another tale of thoughtless customer service from Sirius Satellite Radio.

Now, while Unum is a profit machine, I can understand why Sirius would make it hard for subscribers to cancel with as much money as they have hemorrhaged.  But I didn't think they would make it impossible.  I have emailed them – to no response; I called them – an automated message says they are down for maintenance; and I tried for HOURS to find a way to do it online.  Curiously, if you search "cancel" on their website, the first hit is a page entitled www.sirius.com/stay which tries to talk you out of canceling, but there is no search result that leads you to actually canceling.

It's a brilliant business model: get people to subscribe, jack up the price when they aren't looking (another long story), and then don't give them any way to cancel!

If there's anyone from Sirius out there – throw me a freaking bone!

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