Listen Up Sponsors…

7 12 2009

I think the time is right to make a deal, so listen up College Bowl sponsors.  If we fans agree to:

  • Take a vacation to either New Mexico, St. Petersburg, or Texas…
  • …to which we will fly in a Bell Helicopter…
  • …and where we will stay in a Sheraton or Gaylord Hotel.
  • Finance our cars with GMAC (even the foreign ones) and further swear that we will…
    • …fill them with only PetroSun or Valero gas…
    • …use only AutoZone parts…
    • …have our mufflers serviced at Meineke Car Care…
    • …and our body work done at Maaco.

  • Ship all freight by R&L Carriers and all overnight packages FedEx
    • Take out a loan from either EagleBank or the San Diego County Credit Union
    • Order only Little Caesars or Papa Johns pizza
    • Snack exclusively on Tostitos Chips and Emerald Nuts
    • Eat at Outback, Roady's or Chick-Fil-A at least once a month
    • Get our sporting goods at Champs 
    • Get our insurance from only AdvoCare, Pacific Life or Allstate
    • [gulp] Wear Brut 
    • Visit, whatever the hell it is
    • And pay for it all with out Capital One or Citi credit card
    If we do ALL this, can we please, for the love of all that is good and holy, just have a freaking playoff system?!

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