The Ever-Changing Facebook

5 02 2010
Last night, Facebook started rolling out their latest home-page redesign. Thus began the countdown to the inevitable complaints, fan pages, and groups that will spontaneously form around the cause of bringing back "the old" Facebook or at the very least a grass-roots effort to beg Facebook to stop changing.

News flash: Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

Because here's the deal kids: you can't stand still in the world we live in today.  Yes, it will be confusing for a while, but just remember that most of the people bitching are mad because Facebook just changed something that the same person had complained about them adding six months ago. Once you get past "it's different" you can start seeing "it's better."  And even if you don't think it's better, chances are a bunch of other people will.

Companies like Facebook don't change stuff just to keep the software developers employed.  There is a method behind their madness, and you can trust that every change was based on user feedback, focus groups, market trends, to make way for new functionality or any of myriad other reasons.  Today's world, especially the online world, changes too fast for any service to stand still if they want to stay on the cutting edge.

Just get accustomed to change, people, because it's going to be coming fast and furious for a long time.  That's just life online.

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